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Hello and welcome to Blackpool Skip Hire’s Blog on Reducing Food Waste.

According to Project Drawdown,  food waste is number 3 on the list of the issues that can have the biggest impact on reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Topping the chart is refridgement management- dealing with the harmful chemicals in fridges and air conditioning units. Refridgerents such as CFCs and HFCs have been phased out since 1987 due to their impact on the ozone layer, but their replacement-HFCs is said to have 1000 to 9000 times greater capacity to warm the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

So back to food waste and the ways we can help reduce the affect on our climate and environment. 

There are things you can do in your own home, alongside recycling, which can have an impact.
Eat less red meat
According to project drawdown, if all the worlds cattle formed their own nation, they would be the planets third largest emiter of greenhouse gases, so eating less red meat especially beef is good for the planet. It was recommended that the western countries, beef consumption needed to drop by a whopping 90%. Consumption of pork, milk, eggs, would also need to decline dramatically, especially as the worlds population balloons by an extra 2 billion people by 2050.
By reducing the meat consumption it in turn is helping to save water. In order to produce a 147g beefburger it is estimated that 634 gallons od fresh water is used, the equivalent of four hour shower.
According to skipping a steak meal once a week with your family would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for nearly three months!

Fruit & Veg
Fifty million tones of fruit and vegetables grown across Europe are thrown away each year. It is not only in our homes where food waste happens, but higher up the supply chain. This vegetable waste alone is equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the road. A third of all consumable food never makes it to our plates, which according to drawdown, attributes to 8% of all global emissions.

So what can we do?
Firstly buy less. Try and go to the shops where they sell ‘wonky veg’ that doesn’t have to conform to certain supermarket standards. Or buy fruit and vegetables in the exact amounts needed for the week from a greengrocers for example. The more local the ingredients the less they have to travel.

If you are time poor you could always buy a food subscription service. Companies such as Gusto and Hello fresh offer measured out ingredients delivered to your door. Both companies are working to reduce their plastic use and take advantage of other sustainable materials such as cardboard punnets and biodegradable wool used to insulate items that need to be refrigerated.
It may not feel like it, but actually buying food from a certain subscription services can actually be better for us than buying from a supermarket.

Another simple change can be to only buy wines with a cork and beer from cans within cardboard boxes. Bottle tops and screw caps usually contain a small plastic seal. cork is entirely sustainable and can even be composted. If you want to help the environment even more, you could always buy a returnable keg from your local pub or brewery.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Food Waste blog post. We hope you found it informative on helping people realise that small actions within our homes can make a big difference!

To book a waste management service from Blackpool Skip Hire please call 01253 892020 or visit our website booking facility. 

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