Scrap A Car

Blackpool Scrap Metal Ltd is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) affiliated and fully licensed by the Environment Agency, Wyre Borough Council and the DVLA.

We de-pollute and destroy the vehicles by; removing all oils, fuels, water coolant, washer fluid, shock absorber fluid, oil filters, batteries, mercury switches, airbags, air conditioning gases, and tyres. This we prevent any dangerous or hazardous substances leaking from the vehicle and potentially cause damage to the environment.

The End-Of-Life Vehicle Registration (2003) now requires you to take your old vehicle to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

We will notify the DVLA within 24 hours that the vehicle has been disposed of and issue a Certificate of Destruction (COD), ensuring that you comply with the law. 

Scrapping a car couldn’t be simpler. Simply call 01253 89 20 20. 

Blackpool Skip Hire
Fully authorised and accredited!